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Anther Pleasant Valley Sunday

I do know how to relax, don't I? I laid in bed until 11:00 reading. The I got up, got my shower and went to Mass. I always light a candle under the statue of St. Joseph now. I figure that St. Joseph started out with Mary who was pregnant with someone else's child - he didn't have much money, yet he did a wonderful job raising Jesus. I pray to St. Joseph that he'll show my son how to be a good father.

After Mass, I picked up Hub (he had gotten home from camp while I was gone) and we went to Starbucks, picked up our coffee (him) and Chai tea for me. I got a maple nut scone and he got a piece of lemon iced pound cake. We ate that and then went to A.C. Moore. I want to cross stitch a quilt for the baby, but their theme is "Jungle Safari". I really couldn't find anything that I liked that fit in that category.

We then came home and I ended up outside on my swing again and finished the book I had started yesterday. I'm reading a series of books by Rebecca Shaw - The Barleybridge Series. They're about people who work in a small veterinary hospital in "a picture postcard vllage where everybody knows their neighbors". Kind of a cross between Jan Karon and James Herriot. I love reading about these small villages in England. My grandmother came from a small village in Wales and after reading this series, I now know why I use some of the terms that I use. The writer uses phrases that I grew up hearing my mom and grandomother say all of the time like - "See, you're not just another pretty face", when somone does something that requires brains or "she looks like death warmed over", when you see someone who looks sick and of course, "Oh, their home is lovely, or that dress is lovely or she sets a lovely table".

And of course, the tea. My siblings and I always had tea in the morning before we went to school. On the mornings we were running late, Mom would pour it into a bowl for us so that it would cool off a little faster so that we could make the bus on time. We usually had it with a piece of buttered, toasted, pound cake. Iknow, maybe not the "breakfast of champions", but it tasted a hell of a lot better than Wheaties!

My good friend invited us for dinner and we also celebrated my 50th. She and I had gone to a craft show together a few weeks ago and I had seen a beautiful porcelein fairy doll from the Duck House collection. The doll is dressed in a mint green costume with light pink and purple wings. She has light purple hair and beautiful, expressive eyes. I fell in love with the doll the minute I saw her, but she was a little too expensive for me. Well, my dear friend went back to the fair after she took me home and bought me the fairy doll for my birthday. I just love it! I'll get my daughter to take a picture of my fairy and I'll post it.

Came home around 9:00 - watched Desperate Housewives and now I'm reading my favorite blogs! I just love the weekend!

10:25 p.m. - May 06, 2007


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