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Baby shopping

Think my granddaughter will look cute in this?

My son and his girlfriend and my unborn granddaughter and their dog Lucy arrived at our home around 12:00 on Saturday. They were supposed to stay overnight at her Aunt’s house, but they ended up staying here because her Aunt’s central air wasn’t working and it was as hot as hell!

We really had a wonderful weekend and I have to admit that if they raise their daughter half as well as they raise their dog, she is going to be a polite, well-behaved little girl who is well loved. Of course, we loved having the dog in the house – hub and I played with her every chance we got!

My youngest son’s girlfriend’s sister’s dog just had eight puppies (part Pug, part Cocker Spaniel and part Beagle) and my kids are bugging me to get one – I’m seriously thinking about it and my son reminded me that this is his girlfriend, so we can’t embarrass him by taking the dog and then returning it days later… We’ll see…

I just went online and purchased the above - the "Zanzibar Travel System" for my granddaughter. The shower is June 24th , but I’m going to have this sent to their home in Virginia – no use having it sent here and then watching them try to shove it into the back of their car.
I had my physical on Thursday morning. The office called me with some of the results today. They are so proud of me because my cholesterol count has gone down - here's the thing, I didn't do a damn thing to make that happen. Every other year, my cholesterol count goes up and and the next year, it goes back down...who knows why. I still haven't gotten my PAP results back yet, so I can't relax completely. Oh and my iron count went down from 40 to 39 so she wants me to make sure that I have my colonoscopy now that I'm 50. Uggghhhh. I went to some great yard sales this weekend. One woman was selling her Lenox Santa Clause's for $8.00 a piece! I bought this one and a full size hand made quilt purchased at the Kutztown Folk Festival. I had purchased a queen size quilt at the festival about 10 years ago and paid $400.00 for it. She had just recently purchased this quilt and you can tell it was never used. I paid $35.00 for the quilt and the Santa Clause!!!!!! I think I may start purchasing items to sell on E-Bay - like, I probably should have purchased all of the Santa's and then tried to sell them.Hmmmmmm...something to think about.

9:43 p.m. - May 29, 2007


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