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OK, I’ve returned from the land of “Those Who Feel Sorry For Themselves” and the updating can now begin.

#1. I am still looking for a dog and am seriously considering contacting the breeder that I tortured with phone calls last year.

#2. My Dad has been released from the Rehab and he’s actually doing pretty good. I stopped at their place this morning bearing gifts of Sticky buns and cheese Danish. Dad was looking forward to watching the Eagles’ game at 1:00. No, he is not a fan, he actually hates the Eagles – he just likes t watch them and cheer on the other team. Crazy old man.

#3. Did you know that if you got out of bed on Sunday mornings before 11:00, that you can actually get all kinds of things done? We went to 7:45 Mass, then had McBagels at McDonalds, went to Toys R Us for the granddaughter, went to the Hallmark store for son’s birthday card, went to the Hardware store for clips to hang the lights, went to the bakery, visited Mom and Dad and then ran to A.C.Moore. ALL BEFORE 12:00!!!!!
Who knew??????!!!!!!!!!

Christmassy Thing #15: We are a Christmas video family and my kids have spread them al over the house so, today I found and alphabetized all of our DVD’s. I left the VCR tapes alone, because we’re replaced most of them with DVD. The Christmas videos are filed separately for easy holiday access.

Christmassy Thing #16: I did a crafty thing!!!!! I tore apart a Christmas wreath that had seen its’ better days and re-decorated it….and I used a glue gun and only burnt myself three times and the wreath actually looks very nice! Hurrah ! I did something crafty!

Christmassy Thing #17: I purchased the baby her first Holiday Barbie – I’ve decided I’m going to start collecting them for her and I’ve told my son to let his girlfriend’s family know. I try to only buy brunette Barbies – I didn’t want my daughter to think that blondes were better, but they only had a blonde, so…

Christmassy Thing #18: Put the Christmas tree up, but didn’t decorate yet.

Christmassy Thing #19: Purchased and watched Santa Clause 3 with Martin Short – not as funny as the first two, but hey, it’s difficult to recreate perfection. heeheehee

Christmassy Thing #20: Turned on the bossy voice at work and made everyone sign up to bring in some items for the Christmas baskets for Senior Shut Ins. I labeled one basket “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” – a comfort themed basket and the other basket is labeled “Deck the Halls” – a card game, checkers, snack themed basket. Well, no one else took the lead, so I figured I would help to get the ball rolling.

8:14 p.m. - December 09, 2007


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