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I disappeared for a while

I disappeared for a while.

I took some time off to think about family and relationships. Oh, and about dogs too, of course.

Cast of characters in this entry are as follows:

Sea Hag - my son's girlfriend

Popeye - my son

Swee'Pea - my granddaughter

Lucy (from Charlie Brown) - my daughter

Brenda Starr - me

So, after the horrendous weekend we had with Popeye and his family, I thought I would write to the Sea Hag and try to smooth things over. Below is part of the letter that I sent to her:
"We just want you three to be happy and for us to be a part of your lives and vice versa. We are willing to"leave you guys alone" for awhile, but do you really want to cut us out of yours, Popeye's and Swee"Pea's lives forever? We (meaning ALL of us) can not and should not leave this anger unresolved! I think this is important for all of us that we make an effort to make this work."

Instead of seeing this as an olive branch, the Sea Hag viewed this as an intrusion and was furious. She raged at Popeye and then called Lucy and cursed at her. Lucy then called me. She was both furious and upset.

I called Popeye and asked to talk to the Sea Hag. At first he hesitated, but then relented. I told the Sea Hag that I wish that we could straighten out these problems and that we considered her part of the family, etc.

The Sea Hag blew up and told me and I quote: I f*ckin' hate you and your f*ckin' daughter. "Y0u're so f*ckin' crazy you can't keep a dog for a weekend. You're a lousy f*ckin' mother, my parents hate you and your husband. You think you're so great, but everyone hates you, etc., etc.



I unleashed the howling, snarling, scratching, demons of hell and went after her.

I told her that:

...I knew that Swee'Pea stayed at her mother's house day and night, 5 days a week and that she only saw Swee'Pea on the weekend, because her mother knew that she was crazy and incapable of raising a baby.

...I knew that she had stabbed Popeye last summer.

...I knew she almost burned Popeye's house down last week because she left the lizard's (don't ask) heat lamp on the floor and the timer went off and burned through the floor down to the joists.

...I found it interesting that she continued to drive around in the car that we gave to them with 3 brand new tires when she hated us so much

...Her continued use of the "F" word indicated that she was white trash and Darby dirt (Darby is the run down, dirty town that she grew up in)

Did it feel good to get all of this off my chest? YES, YES, YES!!

Do I now wish that it hadn't happened? Yep, sort of.

The "real"Brenda Starr would have handled this differently, I'm sure.

12:40 - 2008-02-12


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