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Hub is camping, so last night Daughter and I ordered a Chicken Ceasar salad and a mushroom pizza and sat and watched TV all night. Of course I watched the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic Channel. I think I would be able to keep a dog if Caesar came here and lived with me for the first week.

Today my Mom and I, my sister and my daughter went to my nieceís wedding shower. We had a lovely times and my niece was grateful for every gift that she received. Iíve been to showers that were like assembly lines Ė the bride wasnít even allowed to take the paper off of her own gifts! This wasnít like that Ė my niece was able to enjoy her shower and her gifts. Wouldnít it be fun to throw out all of the old stuff and get new dishes and towels and sheets and candles and frames andÖ

Did I tell you that my old boyfriend asked me out for lunch? Not sure what to do about this one. Umm, weíve know each other for 36 years and when I broke up with OB to date and marry Hub, OB started dating my best friend. They eventually married, had three kids and have since divorced. I happened to see him when I was out running errands on my lunch hour last week and we started talking about things and he asked me if I would go out to lunch with him. Not sure what Iím going to do Ė Iíd love to sit around and talk about old times, but Iím not sure the husband would appreciate it. And yeah, Iíve asked myself if I would like it if Hub went out to lunch with his old girlfriend and the answer is No, but, I did have a life before I married Hub and it would be a lot of fun to talk about old times. I donít know.

Oh, I went for the ďIntakeĒ interview with the therapist the other day. I had to go through Intake because itís been two years since I last saw the therapist. The therapist I saw this week agreed with me that I should see a psychiatrist who can figure out which medication is the right one for me to take. See, I should be on a stronger dose of my present meds, but when I go on the higher dose, my lips swell and I get huge welts all over my body.

Therapy is hard, but Iím going to do this again because I want to figure out what the hell is behind my dog issues.

It was weird talking to a therapist again. She asked me if I like my present job, and I immediately said NO. Where the hell did that come from? I didnít even have to think about it! Shit.

9:59 p.m. - Saturday, Mar. 29, 2008


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