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Popeye needs some damn spinach

No comments necessary, I just need to write. Too much negativity swirling through my life right now and trying to land on my shoulders and I’m not going to let it. If writing helps, so be it.

My oldest son called me on Mothers’ Day. He told me that my card would be coming in the mail this week. Just to bust him, I texted him last night to tell him that I had not received his card yet. Of course he didn’t text me back because the Sea Hag does not allow him to communicate with us when he is around her.

This morning he called me at work to tell me that he is going to mail my card today – that he had been waiting to get some pictures developed, but that he had decided to just send us a CD.

I told him that I was looking forward to seeing the pictures because the last one that I have of Swee’Pea was taken over two months ago.

I told him that I would prefer to see him and Swee’Pea in real life, not just pictures – I haven’t seen her since January 28th.

I told him that his father and I would drive down to Virginia this very minute if we could be assured that she wouldn’t take off and hide the baby from us. He told me that he couldn’t promise that she wouldn’t do that, so we might as well not waste the gas.

I asked him why the Sea Hag keeps texting us a picture of a winking smiley face with the words, “I won” over it. He didn’t know she was doing that and he doesn’t know why.

He told me that the Sea Hag has forbidden him to attend his brother’s graduation party and he sure as hell can’t bring Swee’Pea with him to the party if he does somehow get a ride to PA for the party. She told him that he can’t bring the baby over “state lines”. She is such an ass – they’re not separated, so he can take the baby over state lines whenever he wants to.

I ended by telling him that I love him and that I understand that he is trying to make this relationship with the Sea Hag work for the baby’s sake and that I respect him for that, but that I miss him terribly.

I would love to send him the money to pay his fines so that he can get his license back, BUT, I won’t. I’ve enabled him his whole life…and somehow, I think that’s shy he’s stuck with this nutcase – he never learned to solve situations on his own.

14:44 - 2008-05-16


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