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Trip to Virginia part 2

We woke up about 8:00 on Saturday morning, showered and went to breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Walmart (you know I just love Walmart!) and picked up some more presents for the baby and several boxes of fresh cookies from the bakery aisle.

They met us at the hotel and I immediately snatched that baby out of my son’s arms and then tried to squeeze my son and the baby at the same time.

Swee’Pea laid her head on my shoulder as if she remembered me and I almost started to cry…but I didn’t – I was good.

I turned and said “Hello, Sea Hag” to the biotch. She responded with a single word, “hello”. She then immediately started screeching orders at my son that he needed to change the baby’s diaper. I suggested to my son that he could change the baby in the hotel room, but she screeched, “No!!!! Change her in the car!!!”

Hub and I followed them to the local Party City to purchase balloons for the party. I said that the baby could sit in our car while they went into the store to get the balloons but the Sea Hag immediately nixed that. I guess she thought we were going to strap Swee’Pea into the back seat and fly back up to Pennsylvania . (We would have if we could have figured out a way to do it…heeheehee)

We went back to the house and then the fun really began. The Sea Hag wanted to take pictures of the baby out front. Everyone went out with their cameras, but as soon as she spotted me, she through her arms up into the air and screamed , “Forget it!”. She later told me son that she didn’t appreciate me “butting” in on that family moment.

She screeched because she didn’t like the tablecloth, she screamed because the hamburger plate was too hot, she bellowed when the mother suggested that the baby open her presents, she ranted and raved and bitched and hollered all day. “This is my baby’s first birthday and I don’t want to rush it – I want to remember every moment of this day!!!

No one seemed surprised, so this is her obvious MOA. I saw little interaction between her and the baby – I still think the baby thinks her other grandmother is her real mother.

She does love her Daddy!

The party went on, the S.H. and her two friends continued to scowl at me and I continued to enjoy my granddaughter’s antics. She is walking and yelling. She plays well with other children and she has a very loving nature.

She just LOVED her little bike/scooter thing and her baby doll.

We bought her a toy cell phone and she was holding that up to her ear and listening. She enjoyed her cake…until she got it in her eyes. She took an hour nap in my arms and I was in heaven!

After the party we helped my son take all of the presents and balloons back to his house. S.H. threw most of our gifts into the back room and then piled the rest of the gifts next to a table with sharp, pointy corners. She is not the sharpest cheese on the cracker, if you know what I mean.

I played with the baby for about another hour, but my nerves were so frayed by TRYING to ignore the S.H.’s HATEFUL looks, that I decided to go back to the hotel early. I hugged my son and sobbed (the S.H. was not around) and told him that I hated that he lived so far away and that it was obvious that he was afraid of her.

I cried all the way back to the hotel, and I insisted that my husband stop at the Wawa to buy a six pack of Miller Lite. I only had one beer and that was enough to help me fall asleep after that trying day.

Final installment tomorrow…sorry Peggy!!!

5:58 p.m. - Tuesday, Aug. 26, 2008


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