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Would you help these women?

I think I met and foiled a scam artist the other night…or I’m just the meanest bitch in the world.

My kids and I went to the mall to purchase new eye glasses for my youngest son. While he was having his eyes examined, my daughter and I took a walk through the mall.

I noticed two women sitting on a low wall at the same time they saw us. They were dressed very similar to the way a lot of nuns dress now – in black skirts and jackets with white blouses – nothing on their heads. The older of the two women was gripping a walker. They had taped a cardboard sign with the words “Need Help With Transportation” onto the side of the walker.

As I walked closer to them, the younger woman (about 45-50) asked me if I would like to help them out. Having endured 12 years of Catholic school, my Catholic education and torture immediately kicked in and I just about genuflected and said, “Of course, what can I do to help you?”

Here’s where it started to get weird…

The younger woman told me that she had visions and dreams. She said that they had been in Atlantic City when she started having visions that there was going to be a tsunami and that all of the sand was going to be washed out from under the Casinos on the boardwalk and that the buildings were all going to crumble and that the water was actually going to come into Philadelphia (which is 60 miles east of Atlantic City).

Yes, she spoke in run on sentences.

She said that they packed up quickly and got out of town and now they were stuck at this mall (in a Philadelphia suburb) and they needed money for transportation to get them back home (she didn’t mention where home was).

My nutcase warning system kicked in and I told the women that I wished them luck in getting back home. I then went to security and told the clerk that the women were stopping people and asking for money. I told her that they are either scamming the shoppers or they really needed help.

Another thing that was weird was that the older lady flipped the sign over (so that just the back of the cardboard was visible - like she was hiding it) when I started to walk away – what was that all about? And what the hell were they doing in Atlantic City dressed like modern nuns?

She told me they had already received other reports and they were going to send someone to talk to them.

I wonder what happened to them. Did they really need help and did I miss out on a opportunity to do some good? Or were they actually scamming people?

9:26 p.m. - Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008


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