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Christmassy Things Done Today:

*I decorated my cubicle today. I hung up some snowman fabric that I had purchased on the big cubicle wall that doesnít have any shelves on it Ė it really looks cute!

*Went to A.C.Moore after work and picked up some extra decorations to fill in the bare spots on the wreaths that I hung last night.

Today was my late shift day. I go into work at 11:00 and leave at 7:30. I really like this late shift once a week because I get to sleep a little late and get a few things done before I leave for work. Then, I get home around 8:00ish and no one is looking at me wondering whether Iím going to be cooking their dinner or not.

Today a doctor told one of my co-workers to ďget your head out of your assĒ. Apparently, this chiropractor has written a book and so he believes that this fact allows him to be a sanctimonious creep. He continually calls our office and harasses us. He over bills us and when we ask for medical records, he wonít comply. My coworker notified the manager who notified our CEO. We are now permitted to tell him that we can not answer any of his questions and that heíll have to speak to the manager.

This rarely happens Ė we usually have to deal with mean, belittling comments from our members and the doctors and the doctorís office assistants. Management rarely sticks up for us.

My husband is feeling EXTREMELY stressed right now and my kids are not helping. He is a service manager for a Dodge automobile dealership, and if you read the papers, youíll know the auto makers dealerships arenít doing so well right now. We are trying to pay our monthly bills and both of the kidís student loans and now Christmas is coming. My kids donít seem to understand that we only make a certain amount of money and we canít afford new cars for either of them right now.

I just wish they could be happy with what they have, because there are so many other kids their age whose parents have refused to cosign their student loans or buy them cars or pay their insurance.

Enough bitchiní Ė Iím gonna go sneak a piece of my emergency chocolate...or have a Miller Light!

9:51 p.m. - Tuesday, Dec. 02, 2008

Reading: "Snowed In" by Christine Bartolomeo

Listening to my Christmas Playlist on my IPOD

Praying for the 28 yr. old girl who called to report she is having a mastectomy and will we pay for her wig? We will.


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