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Fun, Fat and Fear

Hub and I had a wonderful day at the Kutztown Folk Festival yesterday. They have a huge quilt show, folk arts and crafts, music, dancing and entertainment and delicious Pennsylvania Dutch food.

They also have a ďseminar stageĒ that is the focal point for learning about the Pennsylvania Germans. Some of the topics included local history, family life, food, holiday traditions, clothing, folk superstitions and folk medicine. I always feel like I want to live a more frugal and simpler life when I leave there!

Hub and I walked for miles and attended seminars on the Menonite clothing and teaching in the one-room schoolhouse. We watched a glass blower create a beautiful vase. We spoke to several artists and ended up purchasing two of their prints. We watched craftsmen and women create corn husk dolls, pewter plates, whisk brooms, jewelry, quilts, rag rugs and baskets. We visited the antique booth where I purchased a vintage Christmas decoration.

We ate sausage sandwiches loaded with peppers and onions and had funnel cake and root beer for dessert.

Did I eat the waffle ice cream sandwiches? No! Did I eat the French fried sweet potatoes? No! Did I eat the shoe-fly pie or the strawberry shortcake or the fudge or the soft pretzels dipped in cinnamon sugar or the candied almonds? No!

Why didnít I eat all of that? I didnít eat it because I know itís not healthy (both physically and mentally) to gorge yourself just because you know something is going to taste good.

So here was the scary thing. I am not exaggerating when I say that I saw at least 5 extremely obese women carting their fat asses and bulbous breasts and swelling ankles and quadruple chins on those powered scooter wheelchairs. OK, to satisfy anyone who might think Iím being prejudicial to overweight women I will state thatÖ

#1 I am no skinny Minnie. My EfFexoR has added 30 lbs to my weight that I struggle with daily. But, Iím comfortable with that - Iíd rather be a little heavy than an anxiety ridden, obsessive-compulsive, crazy person.

#2 One or two of those women may have had a medical diagnosis that caused the obesity

Öbut the other women were just morbidly obese - over 300 lbs. How the hell do you get THAT fat? I mean, seriously, at what point do you say to yourself, Fu@k it, I donít care how fat I am, or Fu@k it, I donít care that I canít walk 2 steps. Fu@k it, I donít care that I canít fit in that restaurant booth anymore or Fu@k it, I donít care that Iím so fat that I canít clean myself properly, thus causing those around me to keep their distance.

I usually belong to the school of ďThere, but for the grace of God, go IĒ and Iím sincerely not being sanctimonious here. This is truly frightening Ė what happened to these womenÖÖÖÖÖÖ..and could it happen it to me?

9:38 p.m. - Monday, Jun. 29, 2009


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