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Hereís my high school senior class portrait (1975). I figured Iíd pull this out because I just completed my Parent Plus Loans for both of my kids for Penn State. My son is starting his Sophomore Year and my daughter graduates in December, so this is the last student loan Iíll have to complete for her!!!!!!!! Iím so proud of her because she has worked so hard and I was never able to obtain a college degree. I married my husband when I ws 20 and then after that, I tried a couple of times to go back to school, but I really wasn't interested in getting a degree anymore. She won't have any regrets and she'll be able to go out in the business world with that piece of paper that just about every employer demands now!

I served jury duty today. It wasnít too bad; of course, the fact that we were all dismissed at 11:50 A.M. could have had something to do with that!

Iíve never done jury duty before, but I asked around last week and my friends told me to be sure to bring lots of reading material, snacks and a sweater. I was well prepared; however, it was very obvious that some of the other prospective jurors were not.

There were over 400 of us there and half of the people didnít bring anything to read. WHAT??????? The woman sitting right next to me played games on her phone for three hours and the 20-something kid in front of me read and reread the jurors handbook and then took a not so lovely, drooling nap. Some people just stared off into space the whole time, while others did cross word puzzles or Sodoku (sp?)sheets that were supplied by the court house staff.

We had a 20 minute break from 10:10 until 10:20, returned to our chairs and hung out until 11:50 when the secretary told us they did not need our services. She said one guy pleaded guilty and the other guyís lawyer (after he read our jury questionnaires and strolled through the jury lounge) persuaded his client to ask for a bench trial as opposed to a jury trial.

We must have looked very scaryÖor Republican. One or the other.

(No complaining please, I am still a registered Republican even though I voted democrat in the last two presidential elections.)

I left the courthouse and immediately picked up my girlfriend and took her out to lunch to celebrate her birthday which is today along with President Obamaís.

Now Iím going to play with the cat for awhile and then take my own lovely napÖsans drool!

2:55 p.m. - Tuesday, Aug. 04, 2009


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