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So, I wore my new, cute homemade skirt to work and received all kinds of complements from my co-workers, except for two people.

My supervisor commented that it did nothing for me and made me look fat. I replied that I was fat. She responded that I don’t “appear” fat in my other clothes and that I shouldn’t wear it again.

The other snarky comment came from my gay friend/coworker who told me that I looked wider than usual. He also suggested that I should have worn a fuscia top with it to bring out the colors of the fuscia flowers in the design and perhaps create a slimming illusion.

In response, I vehemently hissed at him,
“Fuscia??!! You think I should be wearing a fuscia top with this huge rack of mine?? Are you fucking kidding me??

Surprisingly enough, Mr. Fashionista eventually agreed with me about the color of my top– but he still didn’t like the skirt.

Do you all understand the concept of a deductible? When the insurance company receives a claim for your visit to the doctor, they deduct or subtract the amount of the deductible from the amount that they pay the provider. You should not pay the provider ANYTHING until you receive your EOB (explanation of benefits). Look under the heading that says PATIENT AMOUNT and then pay that amount – no more, no less.

I explain this concept to someone once a day. Today, I actually told one of our members that if I found out they paid their Dr. any more money, I was “Going to come and get you”. I explained and re-explained how they had “met” their deductible this year and after a very frustrating 30 minutes, I’m still not sure she understood what the hell I was talking about!!!

I feel bad for some of these families because I know they are bullied by providers to pay ahead of time or they won’t see them. So many of our members live in tiny, out-of-the- way towns that don’t have a lot of Dr’s and they don’t want to alienate the few doctors that have set up their practices in these rural communities . They also feel “stupid” compared to the Dr’s because they don’t have college educations – they fix elevators.

I’m actually hoarse from trying to explain this to this poor woman…and don’t even get me started on how our Medicare patients are terrorized by the Dr’s office staff. (I don’t mean you, Nance!)

Ok, now I feel guilty. I purchased a full length mirror at a flea market this weekend and I leaned it against the wall in the dining room. Lola thinks the cat in the mirror is her friend and she naps next to it. Should I get another kitten? This breaks my heart!

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9:31 p.m. - Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2009


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