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I'm Burping and I Can't Get Up!

For some unknown reason, my reflux is acting up again. I suffered from this before, went on preva@id for about a year and have been free and clear for at least 3 years.

Yesterday, I went into work and made myself a nice cup of tea. Within a half hour, I was convinced that I was having a heart attack. The pain was in my chest and was radiating up into my jaw. I would burp once or twice (sorry for the visual image)and some of the pain would diminish and then WHAM, the pain would literally slam me to the back of my chair. I was talking to one of our members on the phone and the whole time I was thinking to myself, OMG, Iím having a heart attack and no one is going to know until I crack my head on the desk when I die.

I went home at lunch and made myself an egg and drank a huge glass of milk. I also took two preva@id and chewed a handful of Mylanta. The pain subsided somewhat, but not completely. Then, at dinner, I ate about 15 saltine crackers and made my husband buy me a large vanilla milkshake made from real milk and icecream - not those fake McDonald's kind. See, the only thing that I can consume when the reflux gets bad is eggs, crackers and milk products.

After dinner, I chewed another handful of Mylanta, took another preva@id and swallowed Ĺ of a blue xa*ax. I slept soundly in my livingroom in an upright position. I must have snored like a mofo though, because when I woke this morning, my tonsils were huge and they were killing me.

I feel SO much better today and I plan to stay on the reflux meds for at least a month.


Ewwwwww, I scheduled my husbandís and my pre-colonsocopy meeting with the surgeon on Feb. 9th. I know that the Hubster wonít go alone, so Iím going to see if I can also schedule both of our actual colonoscopies on the same day and have one of the kids drive us. Remember the family that shits together, stays togetherÖor something like that.


My older son has been so brainwashed by the Sea Hag (or Whorebreath as I have her listed in my cellphone), that he has now told my daughter that he will not be able to speak to me until I have my medication adjusted. WHAT THE FU@K??????

He also stated that the reason he and his father never had a good relationship was because his father never wanted to be home to be around me.

See, now Iím PISSED.. And as my father used to say, Donít mess with me, ďcause I can be your be your best friend or your worst enemy.Ē

9:26 p.m. - Tuesday, Jan. 06, 2009


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