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Today was my late day, so I decided to get the hell up off of my fat ass and walk at the local walking park. I did a mile in about 25 minutes – I know that’s not great, but hell, at least my fat legs were moving. I’ve got to get my kids to teach me how to use the IPOD that they bought me for my birthday, so I’ll have something to listen to besides my huffing and puffing.

I also ate pretty well today. Uh oh, does this mean that I have suddenly turned a new page, gone round the corner, saw the light, found myself? NAH, it’s probably just a fluke.

So, do you remember when our kids were little and we’d go to the local park and we’d be BORED out of our minds, but we’d push the damn swing, over and over again or we’d stand at the bottom of the sliding board, catch the kid, then help them up the steps and then catch them again and then help them up the steps and then catch them again…you know the drill.

We were bored out of our minds, but, DAMNIT, WE DID IT!!!!

A playground is located next to the walking park. While I was pushing this fat of mine around the track this morning, I noticed an adorable little girl, dressed in pink from head to toe sitting in a swing – not swinging in a swing, just sitting in the swing. Her father was standing several yards from her talking very loudly to what was obviously a business associate. He was so engrossed in his "important" conversation that he had not realized that one or two of his half assed pushes were not enough to keep his daughter swinging FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!! I felt so bad for the little girl and then I looked around and saw that a lot of the moms and dads were talking on their phones and leaving kids at bottoms of ladders and in swingless swings.

By talking on their phones, these young moms and dads are missing out on so much! I met new friends in those parks, learned recipes and sipped coffee with my other play group moms. I laughed to myself at the moms who came decked out in every piece of gold that they owned and groaned with the other moms when the girl with the cute figure arrived with another new boyfriend. My kids knew I was there for a push, a lift, a tissue or a juice box.

But most of all, my kids knew that they didn’t have to share my attention with a faceless voice on the other end of the line…again.

18:42 - 2008-04-17


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