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Nope, she's not mine

Alright, so hereís whatís been going on. I have been trying to do a Christmassy thing every day and Iíve succeeded with that. Iíve also been trying to adopt a kitten Ė thatÖÖ. not so good.

Last week I decided to get a kitten. I went to Pet Smart and saw three that I fell in love with. Now, my Pet Smart does not sell kittens Ė a local rescue organization manages all the kittens there Ė you donít buy them from Pet smart, you adopt them from the rescue organization.

Anyhoodle, the next morning I filled out an online application and figured Iíd be hearing from someone in about a week. 30 minutes later, ďPat M.Ē called me and began interviewing me. This is how the conversation went and I swear Iím not making this up.

Me: I want to adopt the little female calico kitten.

Pat M.: You canít.

Me: Iím sorry??

Pat M.: If the kittens are under 6 months old, you must adopt two.

Me: Oh, I only want one kitten. I have cat allergies which seem to be controlled with Claritin. Iím concerned that two cats would be too much.

Pat M.: Well, sorry then, I canít help you.

Me: Wait a minÖ

Pat M.: Iíll tell you what I can do for you. You can foster a cat. I have a cat right now that has feline leukemia Ė you can foster her.

Me: How about Lola Ė she was one of the older cats, could I adopt her?

Pat M.: Sorry, I already have someone for Lola, although the woman wrote on her application that she had a dog euthanized in 2001. Iím gonna call her veterinarian right now and if he tells me that they didnít really try with the dog, Iím not gonna let her have Lola.

Me: Well then, if that adoption falls through perhaps youíd consider letting meÖ

Pat M.: Listen, honey, why donít you think about fostering that sick cat?

Me: Um, well, I saw other cats at Pet Smart Ė what about one of them?

Pat M.: Listen sweetie, if I let you adopt one of those kittens and you come to me in a year and tell me you donít want it anymore, Iím gonna be really angry and you do not want to make me angry.

Who the hell was I talking to???? Was she a pet rescuer or Tony Soprano??
So, once again, I have been shut out. Seriously, is it me?? How the hell do other people get pets? Every time I turn around there is a huge stumbling block and I swear Iím not putting it there!!

7:53 p.m. - Sunday, Dec. 07, 2008


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